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Working With US

Schedule your patient and take the necessary records such digital impression, intra-oral and extra-oral pictures, panoramic and/CBCT 

After obtaining all the necessary records.  Login to our Customer portal and Use the Submit a Case form.

You can use the Submit a Case form to upload all the necessary information for us to start the process.  We offer direct integration via MeditLink or 3Shape Connect

We will contact once the virtual setup is ready for your approval

Duration: Up to 72 hours during normal business hours. 

You will receive an email notification to the email of your choice. You can also login to our Customer Portal and Check your cases. We are an EasyRX connected Lab. You will use the Case Status link to redirect you to EasyRX and review the virtual setups. In EasyRx  you will find the information needed for all your cases. In EasyRX we will indicate how  many aligners are needed for the treatments as well as the IPR report and Attachment placement if needed

If you agree with the treatment planing. You can approve it inside EasyRX. Otherwise, you can reject the case and indicate any additional adjustment needed to obtain the desired resutls.

This process continues until you agree with the treatment plan.

You will be notify to review, modify and/or approve the optimized treatment plan using our portal and our web based simulation software. IPR, Attachments, and the number of aligners will be displayed

Duration: 1 business days.

Treating doctor must approve or modify digital design setup.

1)  If choose to fabricate your aligner in house. You can download the case STL files after paying for the treatment planning. Fabricate your aligner as per your protocol.
2) If you prefer using Klear Moves aligner manufacturing. Please proceed to place an order using the Klear Moves ordering form available in the Klear Moves Portal.

Duration: 1-2 business days. Preparation of 3D print files for production.

Duration: 8-12 business days (excluding shipping time). Printing, shaping and cutting of the Klear Move White Label Aligners.®

Treament Planning

Our treatment planning and virtual setups are prepared by season professionals with years of experience in the clear aligners fields. All  virtual setups are quality checked by real doctors who can approves the design and indicated possible scenario outcomes. Upon request, we let you speak to a doctor to discuss different alternative outcome and procedure that can be performed to the patients

Clear Aligners

Our aligners are made from FDA approved materials made in the USA. The aligners are specially design to endure the daily wear  and stress produce by the patient and precisely cut for patient comfort and aesthetics. With our Pay-as-You-Go model. We allow our customers order the amount of aligners needed to start the treatment. Thus allowing our customer lower the cost of initiating the treatment. This also allow the doctor monitor the cases and request mid-course correction and eliminate material waste and time.

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We supports dental organizations of all sizes. Our team supports you with every aspect of the process: case selection, team training, operations, case support and treatment plans.