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Why Invisible Aligner

Invisible aligners are an excellent choice for those patients who are looking for a better smile in the shortest amount of time. It is an excellent treatment choice for patients with minor to mild cases of crooked teeth, gap and spacing, and relapsed orthodontic treatment.  Most cases only require a few trays  allowing your to provide affordable treatment options for those patients who don't want to invest a lot of money and the time of going through a full orthodontic treatment. With our invisible aligner solutions you can provide these treatment to your patients on your own terms. Our solutions provide you with the tools that you need to control the workflow, delivery and compliance of your case. 

PVS Impressions:

PVS impression must be first digitized
Follow the process below:

  • If you have don’t so yet send us an email at and request an EasyRx account.
  • Submit a case though EasyRx and make of the case number
  • Follow this link to have your impression digitize. Bear in Mind that there is a charge for this service
  • Print the form and insert inside the box and mail it as instructed by the lab digitizing your impressions
  • Your impression will be uploaded once the impression are digitized
  • You will get a notification in your EasyRx portal and email

Digital Impressions:

You have two options:

You can upload you digital file, X-ray, and photograph via our customer portal.

Submit a case via EasyRx. 

Are You Still Taking Regular Impressions?

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Our invisible aligners services:

Clear Aligner Treatment Planning

We offer top quality designing and technological support. Our team has very experienced professionals with more than 13 years designing the most complicated cases of invisible aligners.

Standard 5-Day Turnaround:

We guarantee that all orders with standard turnaround will leave our factory in 7 business days or less from the time the order was sent to us.

Shipping and Custom Packaging:

We can customize your bag labels, pack them in your own custom packaging, and drop them directly business front door.

Responsibly Made in the USA

We’re proud to be located in the US. We also strive to reduce our environmental impact by conscientiously minimizing our waste and recycling what we can.

Free Consultation

We supports general and pediatric dentists,  to launch de-novo orthodontic operations or scale your existing orthodontic operations. Our team supports you with every aspect of the process: case selection, team training, operations, case support and treatment plans.