Our goal is to help dental organizations provide invisible orthodontic treatment more affordably. Democratizing oral health care doesn’t mean lowering the standard of care. A supervised treatment should always yield better outcomes, avoid discomfort and safeguard the well being of the patient. These are the principals that our company applies to the services and product offered. We believe that together we can improve the quality of life of many patients. We want to help dental organizations become the primary source of invisible orthodontic treatment at a price that is affordable to both the doctors and the patients.

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Straight Smile Solutions Webinar 1/6/2020

We are a  premier white label aligner consultants and manufacturing partner. We work with the world’s best doctors and lab technicians who utilize well-know tooth movement philosophies and the best tracking aligner material to produce the most predictable results. Our goal is to minimize  mid course corrections and refinements to make our clients more efficient and profitable.

Our  invisible aligners are FDA approved  and manufactured with some of the most precise 3D printers, positive thermoforming equipment, and carefully polished for patient comfort and satisfaction. Our clients are free to brand, price, and market their product with or without our assistance in the best way it may fit their business goals.

We take pride in providing a service that is equal (and sometimes better) to some of the world’s leading brands.